'Time' cover spotlights Flint water crisis


Weaver said she refused to drink the water, which has been found to contain high levels of lead and may have contributed to the deaths of 10 residents from Legionnaires' disease. "Start monitoring what is going on with your water...don't let this happen where you live". "I want to solve this", he said. "But the only job that's more important to me is the job of father". I would be beside myself if my kids' health would be at risk. After a Flint resident sent tap water samples to be tested at Virginia Tech, which confirmed the water's toxicity, Snyder's office was still slow to respond to the unfolding emergency. Yesterday I met with Mayor (Karen) Weaver, and I told her we're going to have her back and all the people of Flint's back as they work their way through this bad tragedy.

So what we're seeing now is that Democrats, particularly President Obama and those running for his party's presidential nomination, are eager to talk about Flint.

"The preliminary draft report should not have been released outside the agency", Hedman wrote. "You come on TV, and we will shame them". It's when our attention gets focused on a problem and there's a real opportunity to make progress.

"[The] city has bigger issues on their agenda right now", the state employee wrote in the email, which was obtained by the Guardian through a public records request, separately from the public release on Wednesday.

When Flint moved its water supply to the Flint River in 2014, the improperly treated water stripped lead from pipes. The agency did not tell the public, however.

The conclusion was that the city, while in compliance with the action level, exceeded the level required to be deemed as having optimized corrosion control.

Then there's this - the DEQ admits folks in Flint are concerned about the taste, smell and color of their water.but aesthetics are not regulated.

"I have not seen any reporting on that particular memo", Schultz said.

Though Snyder issued the emails as part of an effort to reveal the administration's transparency on the matter, the documents provide a glimpse of state leaders who were at times dismissive of the concerns of residents, seemed eager to place responsibility with local government and, even as the scientific testing was hinting at a larger problem, were reluctant to acknowledge it. It's the first acknowledgment by the state that lead is a problem. "When did you know it. #flintwatercrisis".

Also Tuesday, President Barack Obama named Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Dr. Nicole Lurie to a position of coordinating federal assistance to Flint. "It took nearly a year for us to get that information".

And they only stoke the anger of residents like Pete Nichols, who spoke to MLive while picking up bottles of water from a downtown fire station on a recent weekday. "HUD has been involved, making sure that - what they're doing is, they're providing the data tracking to make sure that there's a full audit and accounting of where the problem is and how it can be stemmed".

And the Republicans? It won't be surprising if they aren't interested in discussing the race and class issues the crisis raises, and thus far, they don't seem to want to talk seriously about it at all.

The crisis began in 2014 when a state-appointed emergency manager - appointed by the governor to administer the financially troubled city instead of the elected government - switched Flint from Detroit water to Flint River water to save money.

He said the ability of the community to recover "with such a large percentage of its citizens living in poverty requires the ability of those citizens to acquire proper health care, case management, legal services, and assistance in repairing the plumbing infrastructure in their homes that may have been damaged". The population is almost 60 percent black.