Bernie has his biggest lead over Hillary yet

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders campaigning in Fort Dodge Iowa Jan. 19 2016

Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton by a wide margin, 60 percent to 33 percent, in New Hampshire heading into the February 9 primary, according to a poll released Tuesday. Though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner, it is now becoming clear that she'll be facing a tough fight from Mr Bernie Sanders, a junior Senator from a small State, Vermont. Clinton still leads by double digits in national polls, underscoring her electability in the general election, yet Sanders also leads in Iowa.

Mrs. Clinton likely stepped up her attacks after seeing the latest poll numbers coming out of Iowa and New Hampshire. In the December poll, 38% of undeclared voters who said they planned to vote said they would likely participate in the Democratic primary, a figure that is up to 48% in the new poll.

Should Mr Sanders win both states, it will be a very bruised Mrs Clinton going into the Nevada caucus and SC primary, both of which she is expected to win comfortably.

"He just says things that are outrageous, that have no basis in fact", said Sanders. The Sanders team reports that his campaign pulled in about $1.4 million in just 24 hours, almost quadrupling their daily average.

Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. He's acknowledged that Clinton, a former secretary of state, has more experience on foreign policy matters, but he has held up her vote for the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a significant error in judgment.

A Bernie Sanders T-shirt on sale at Raygun a popular clothing store in Des Moines Iowa
A Bernie Sanders T-shirt on sale at Raygun a popular clothing store in Des Moines Iowa

The CNN/WMUR poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center by telephone from January 13-18.

BERNIE SANDERS: I know President Obama's been getting a lot of criticism on this.

Republicans, including super PACs allied with major candidates, would rather run against Sanders in the fall and are trying to help his insurgent primary challenge to Clinton now, Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement. Although it made sense the far-and-away frontrunner would talk the most during earlier Democratic showings, Clinton's top-tier status has dwindled significantly in recent weeks. In an interview with NBC, McCaskill said it was "absolutely impossible" for him to win in her home state of Missouri. She is also comfortably ahead with older voters and with African-Americans.

The same poll showed Clinton defeating Trump by 10 percent, despite Trump's repeated claims that he leads over Clinton.